Completion & Fracturing Tools
  • Dissolvable Frac PlugDissolvable Frac PlugThis high-performance dissolvable frac plug is rated to 10,000 psi for zonal isolation during wellbore stimulation and combines industry-leading frac plug designs with the most advanced dissolvable metal and degradable rubber materials. The large bore ID allows operators to produce through the plug while it remains in the wellbore and begins the dissolution process immediately following fracturing. The fully dissolvable frac plug not only helps reduce the cost and time of plug mill-out operations, but it also helps eliminate the risk associated with coiled tubing. 
  • Dissolvable Frac BallDissolvable Frac BallSCOTON's SDF Dissolvable Frac Ball is a metallic dissolvable frac ball designed to provide zone-successive isolation for frac plugs, frac sleeves and static isolation subs. Its high shear strength allows it to maintain integrity and isolation during high pressure fracturing and the Wraith Frac Ball dissolves at controllable and predictable rates to allow production from all treated zones.
  • Tubing-Retrievable Safety ValvesTubing-Retrievable Safety ValvesSCOTON's tubing-retrievable safety valves (TRSV) comprise a line of general production, hydraulically operated, downhole tubing-retrievable safety valves. The valve is designed and built for performance and reliability. The rugged hydraulic actuator of the safety valve provides durability and isolates the internal workings from well fluids through its unique construction.
  • Bridge PlugsBridge PlugsModel MWB Wireline Set Bridge Plugs are compact, small OD and designed for easy drill out. These Bridge Plugs will set securely in all but the very highest tensile casing. A ratchet lock ring stores the setting force in the Plug. The one piece packing element and metal back up rings combine for a superior seal. The case hardened, one piece slips virtually eliminate premature setting, yet can be easily drilled out. They are available for 2 3/8” through 20”casing.
  • Downhole PackerDownhole PackerPacker has a resilient sealing element and thereby encloses the annular space between the various sizes of the string and the wellbore and between the columns and isolates the production layer to control the production of liquid and protective casing downhole tools.
  • Sliding SleeveSliding SleeveThe ST Sliding Side-Door circulation and production sleeve is a full opening device that can be operated using standard slickline methods. It incorporates an internal sleeve that when open enables communication between the tubing and tubing/casing annulus. A nipple profile in the top sub and a polished bore in the bottom sub are standard features and allow accessory tools such as a Side-Door choke or separation tool to be set across the ST device.
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