Rig Components
  • Iron RoughneckIron RoughneckThe iron roughneck consists of the main forceps and the knobs, which are able to buckle / shackle the string diameter range from 2-7 / 8 "to 10" and the full operation of the buckle / shackle is integrated in one Pneumatic control box, press the button once to complete all operations, while the pneumatic control box can be installed in a safe place to achieve remote control.
  • For Top DriveFor Top DriveFor top drive, SCOTON can supply high quality top drive assists, such as top drive cock, top drive safety joint, top drive floating cushion sub, top drive casing tools etc. SCOTON's top drive have been used at offshore oilfield for a long time, and get qu
  • Rig PartsRig PartsSCOTON's rig parts mainly in drilling rig rotary system and hoisting system, including: crown block, rotary table, traveling block, swivel etc.
  • Mud PumpMud PumpMud pump is mud circulating system of drilling rig. Common mud pump is piston type or plunger type, power machine drive mud pump crankshaft rotate, crankshaft through cross head drive piston or ram alternating motion in the pump cylinder. 
  • High Pressure HoseHigh Pressure HoseSCOTON's high pressure hose adopt advanced multi-media computer control high voltage test equipment, perfect rubber hose physical and chemical properties, ensure product quality. Our products (choke and kill hose, rotary drilling hose, BOP control hose) a
  • Solid ControlSolid ControlSolid control is also recycle system of drilling rig. In order to timely cleaning bottom hole, carrying cuttings and protecting borehole wall, drilling rig is equipped with a full range of drilling fluid purification equipment, mainly including: shale shaker, centrifuge, desilter, desander, vacuum degasser and mud tank.
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