In recent years, SCOTON's oilfield equipment have been exported all over the world, our products mainly divided into five categories: rig components, wellhead equipment, dill stem, downhole tools, OCTG. SCOTON's products specialized in independent research and development, high technology content and differentiation course, already formed its own set of product structure. Such as top drive tools, iron roughneck, PCE equipment, handing tools, interchangeable blades stabilizer, packing frame, Whipstock & Window Milling, Completion & Fracturing Tools, logging tools etc. Lots of these products already had independent intellectual property rights and patent for invention, and reach the world's advanced level.
  • Rig ComponentsRig Components2017/05/19Drilling rig is composed of many rig components, rig components are important part of drilling rig. SCOTON's drilling rig covers varieties specifications, especially superior products as: iron roughneck, top drive and top drive assists.
  • Wellhead EquipmentWellhead Equipment2017/05/19SCOTON's wellhead equipment has been exported to more than a dozen countries around the world, the most advantage wellhead equipment is the coiled tubing bop, wellhead safety valve and actuator, wellhead handing tools and logging operation pressure control.
  • Oil Country Tubular GoodsOil Country Tubular Goods2017/05/19SCOTON’s OCTG mainly inclouds composite mesh screen pipe, coiled tubing, perforating gun, oilfield tubing, oilfield casing and oil line pipe. In this catalogue you can find all details.
  • Drill StemDrill Stem2017/05/19SCOTON gives priority to the drill string products promotion and sales. You can discover different kinds of drilling equipment: reamer, stabilizer, frame, pipe, collar, kelly, dilling jar and drill bit.
  • Downhole ToolsDownhole Tools2017/05/19Many of these downhole tools are SCOTON’s superior products, there are two kinds: drilling tools(whipstock & window milling, multistage circulating head, multi-purpose milling fishing tools) and well completion (logging, coiled tubing tools).
  • Microbial Enhanced Oil RecoveryMicrobial Enhanced Oil Recovery2018/05/08Microbe oil displacement agent(MEOR) is a rapidly developed  technology to enhance oil recovery, It not only can pick up the crude oil flowing underground, but also can pick up the crude oil which is not moving, and can prolong the production life of the exhausted well. 
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