Drilling Jar
  • Hydraulic Drilling JarHydraulic Drilling JarThe SQYZ type drilling jar is a kind of hydraulic jar that can be employed to release the drilling tools that are stuck . With this one-piece double acting hydraulic jar, a powerful force is available to the operator and ensure that normal drilling operations can be resumed as soon as possible. When operating the SQYZ type hydraulic jar, the operator can make adjustments to the jarring force and direction on the ground without the need to adjust torque. The SQYZ jar is reliable and can be operated with ease. It can applied widely in drilling, coring, fishing and cementing operations.
  • Hydraulic-mechanical Drilling JarHydraulic-mechanical Drilling JarHydraulic-mechanical drilling Jar is a double acting jar, Hydraulic-mechanical drilling Jaris designed to deliver hydraulic delay when jarring in the up direction, and mechanical release when jarring in the down direction. It provides excellent functional stability and strong jarring forces in both jarring direction. It is used to free stuck drill string components and is recommended for directional/ deep wells drilling application.
  • Super Fishing JarSuper Fishing JarSCJ type super fishing jar is a fishing tool that provides larger jarriing force when compared with others of the same specifications. This jar's structure is compact, performance is reliable and is easy to adjust and operate under different drilling conditions. The SCJ type super jar is a new type of top jarring tool used in oilfield, geological exploration and drilling operation.
  • Hydraulic Jar IntensifierHydraulic Jar IntensifierThe SYJS type jar intensifier is a type of downhole fishing jar designed to increase the top jar's jarring force. It runs in conjunction with either SQYZ type hydraulic top jar or SCJ type super jar. Its main function is to supply acceleration to the upper end of the jar during the free jarring stroke. The intensifier is essentially a fluid spring that stores strain energy under compression. When the strain is removed, the stored energy is released, accelerating and intensifying the top jarring action. The top jarring action thus creates a direct impact on the fish. In addition, the fluid helps to absorb the shock from the rebounding drill string after the jarring stroke, protecting both the drill tools and fishing tools from damage.
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