Innovative Features of the Top Drive

1. The China top drive reduction gearbox adopts the inverted oil cup type patent structure, which completely solves the problem that the gear oil may leak due to the failure of the spindle oil seal during the top drive operation.
2. The top drive adopts the collapsible rail technology with international invention patent, and does not need to install the lock pin on site. Installation and disassembly are quick and safe. Compared with conventional structural guide rails, the installation time can be saved by more than 2/3, and the rail installation time is no more than two hours.
3.The top drive adopts the patented clip-on back clamp, which does not rotate with the turret. The upper shackle is simple and reliable, and can extend the service life of the drill pipe.
4. The hydraulic IBOP of the top drive adopts the patented rack and pinion actuator, which has a simpler structure, reliable switch transmission and convenient maintenance.
5. The top drive adopts the double-load passage lifting system: during normal drilling operation, the load is transmitted to the gear box case through the main shaft and the main bearing; when the drilling or casing operation is performed, the lifting load of the lifting ring passes through the inside of the rotating head. The push bearing is transmitted directly to the gearbox and no longer passes through the main shaft and main bearing. Therefore, the dual-channel load can effectively extend the service life of the main shaft, especially the main bearing.
6. The top drive adopts the patented hydraulic cylinder under-balance mechanism, the balance effect is good, and the life of the balance cylinder is greatly improved. No need to install the balance system on site, it is easy to install and saves time.

7. The top drive control system adopts a dual PLC structure, which improves the reliability of the system.

8.500ton and above tonnage drive inverter and motor adopt a one-to-one structure, which is a backup for each other, which improves the reliability of the system.
9.The top drive adopts the exclusive custom motor, which has significant improvements in the upper bearing, winding and wiring of the motor, greatly improving the adaptability of the motor on site and ensuring the reliability of the top drive.
10. Top drive configuration Speed torque control drilling system (soft torque system), embedded in the top drive control system, can be independently selected to open or close, improving the safety of complex well conditions.
11. Jinghong top drive hydraulic system is integrated in the top drive body, which does not require on-site installation and disassembly of pipelines, and greatly reduces the pollution probability of the hydraulic system and improves the reliability of the hydraulic system.
12. The hydraulic circuit of the top drive body is internal communication, which can effectively avoid the failure caused by the collision of the pipeline in the field, and can also reduce the pollution of the hydraulic system caused by the aging of the hydraulic pipeline and improve the reliability of the hydraulic system.
13. The top drive drill rig is equipped with a touch screen to facilitate real-time understanding of the operating status and fault points of the equipment and improve the operational reliability of the equipment.
14. The top drive cable adopts the integrated design of the protective cover. Through the swimming test, the cable swims 300,000 times without failure, which is equivalent to the continuous operation of 500 tons of top drive for 10 years.
15. The top drive uses a special mud protection design to ensure that the mud leaking from the flush tube does not enter the gearbox.
Top drive advanced technology of Jinghong
Soft torque:
It automatically recognizes working conditions, adjusts output torque characteristics, and effectively reduces the incidence of stick slip and downhole vibration. Thus, the rock damage is accelerated, the drill string and bit wear failure is reduced, and the service life of the drill string and the drill bit is extended.
Spindle rotation control:
It helps to accurately control the direction of rotation, number of revolutions and angle of the spindle; the tool face and position angle of the drill pipe are adjusted in directional drilling. Improve azimuth control accuracy and optimize well trajectory.
Top drive casing device:
The device is directly connected to the top drive spindle and runs through the top drive electronic control system for precise torque control and recording, enabling the entire casing operation.
Top drive communication interface:
This interface provides the rig with a communication interface, collection of model parameters and implementation monitoring for fast data acquisition, condition monitoring, and logic control between the top drive system and the circulatory system, downhole equipment, and other instruments and equipment.

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