Rig Parts
  • Crown BlockCrown BlockThe drilling line is reeved in parallel. The crown frame is made of high strength steel shapes & plates. The lug plate for top drive is provided. It is equipped with metal base plate, handrail, and toeboard. A ladder has an opening.
  • Traveling Block & HookTraveling Block & HookThe side plate assembly is made of thick steel plate. When hoisting or lowering the unloaded elevators, the wire line is always kept taut to facilitate the line spooled on the drum and the empty hook lowered. The sheave grooves are intermediate frequency quenched so as to provide surface hardness and extended service life of wire line.
  • SwivelSwivelWith standard bails and double pin alloy steel sub.
    The wash pipe and packing assembly are cartridge type and can be replaced on the floor without disconnecting the rotary hose and/or gooseneck.
    The goose neck is provided with an outlet for wire line logging.
  • Rotary TableRotary TableThe pinion and gear are made of alloy steel.
    The split type master bushing is made from a steel casting. Two transmission types (Kelly and pin) are available.
    Pin transmission type is suitable for API standard square Kelly or hexagonal Kelly roller bushing. Long and short slips are applicable.
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