BOP & Koomey Unit
  • Annular Blowout PreventerAnnular Blowout PreventerAnnular BOP is an important part of well-control equipment. It mainly applies to control wellheadpressure during drilling workover operations and formation testing etc to prevent well blowout effectively and realize safe construction. Annular BOP shall be equipped with hydraulic control system.It is usually used with ram BOP and also independently.
  • Ram Blowout PreventerRam Blowout PreventerRam BOP is a key part of well-control equipment. It’s used for controlling wellhead pressure during well drilling, workover and testing etc., preventing well blowout effectively and realizing safe construction.
  • Coiled Tubing BOPCoiled Tubing BOPCoiled tubing BOP is the key components for well control device, used in coiled tubing operation, effectively prevent the blowout accident, implement safety construction.
    ● The BOP box adopts the side door type, simple and convenient replacing rubber core, even the coiled tubing is in operation, and rubber core can be replaced.
    ● With double cylinder structure, the use of pressure to seal and reliable sealing, long service life and control low pressure.
    ● Original created side door lock structure, easy to use, stable performance.
  • Wireline BOPWireline BOPThe wireline BOP is used for sealing the wellhead to prevent well blowout accidents is logging operation when there are accidents and there are cables in the well. The wireline BOPhas simple structure, convenient application and maintenance, small volume, light weight, high pressure bearing, hydraulic remote control and simple and reliable operation. The BOP is mainly composed of main casing, and ram assembly piston, hydraulic cylinder, lead screw, end cap, hand wheel and other spare parts, which are moving in the main casing in opposite direction. 
  • Sucker Rod BOPSucker Rod BOPSucker rod BOP is safety combined sealing device installed in the wellhead, prevent well kick and blowout caused by high pressure gas carry over oil and water, during  the process of workover operation, lifting of sucker rod; When occurs  abnormal situation in the process of lifting sucker rod, turn the screw drive pipe ram closed, seal sucker rod annular space, seal the wellhead, to make sure safe production and preventing blowout accidents, protect the environment. Specific work is: when the well have sucker rod inside, it can seal sucker rod annular space, a pair of rubber core can seal: 3/4", 7/8",1" sucker rod without replacement (according to customer requirements).
  • Koomey Unit (BOP Control System)Koomey Unit (BOP Control System)Koomey unit (BOP control system) for surface BOP stacks is very important equipment which controls BOP stacks and gate valves controlled by hydraulic pressure especially in drilling and workover operations. It is necessary to accurately operate and maintain the hydraulic control system.
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