Downhole Cementing Tools
  • Reamer ShoeReamer ShoeReamer shoes overcome wellbore obstructions and guide the casing or liner to total depth. Our reamer shoe designs use an eccentric guide nose to negotiate ledges and other obstructions while its integrated cutting structures simultaneously ream out tight spots.
  • Liner HangerLiner HangerLiner hanger is a cementing tool used in the cementing process, the drilling process will be a lot lower layer into the casing, the liner casing is a part of the casing. The liner hangeris generally at the lowermost be used as the production casing, the coupling between the casing and the upper liner rely liner hanger.
  • Float Collar & Float ShoeFloat Collar & Float ShoeFloat collar & float shoe produces a buoyancy casing guide shoe or collar. As the floating shoes or floating hoops high temperature, sealing and drilling can be good, easy to connect, which can replace the shoes, casing shoes and so on. Floating shoes or floating hoops can be used not only for general technical casing and casing casing, but also for deep wells, ultra-deep wells and special craft wells.
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