Wellhead Equipment
  • Pressure Control EquipmentPressure Control EquipmentPressure control equipment is essential equipment of drilling operation, logging operation, coiled tubing drilling. SCOTON’s pressure control equipment has already fully achieved equivalent quality of NOV company Elmar product series, especially Logging Wireline PCE, Horizontal Well Cable Pumping Bridge Plug Fracturing & Perforation WPCE, Lightweight Wellhead Slickline PCE, Coiled Tubing PCE.
  • BOP & Koomey UnitBOP & Koomey UnitBOP is a set of special equipment, instruments and tools for oil and gas wells pressure control technology, the main function of BOP: timely find overflow, rapidly control blowout, deal with complex situations. Koomey unit is switch equipment of BOP, with
  • Christmas TreeChristmas TreeWellhead equipment and Christmas tree are important equipment of oil & gas exploration. They are composed of casing head, tubing head and Christmas tree. The Christmas tree is used to fix the wellhead, connect wellhead casing string, seal and control circ
  • API 6A ValveAPI 6A ValveSCOTON’s valves are strictly in accordance with the requirements of API 6A standard design and production, have complete specifications, mainly including: FC type gate, FL type gate valve, FLS type valve, choke valve, check valve,  mud valve,  cock valve etc. SCOTON’s most advantage product is safety valve actuators (pneumatic and hydraulic)and control cabinet.
  • Wellhead Handing ToolsWellhead Handing ToolsSCOTON's wellhead equipment have lots of featured products, such as: DDZH hydraulic elevator, WGY375 hydraulic slip, PS deflected well type pneumatic spider, these products using advanced design and manufacturing technology, and have been exported to the United States, Canada, Germany, Russia.
  • High Pressure Fluid ControlHigh Pressure Fluid ControlHigh pressure fluid control fitting are forged from high strength alloy steel for high-pressure discharge lines, water lines, temporary flow lines, well testing lines, cementing and circulating lines, and other high-pressure applications, in size 1", 2" and 3”, and available in pressure ratings from 2,000 psi to 20,000 psi in standard or sour gas service. Integral Fittings feature detachable wing union end connections for a high-strength, high-integrity connection. Tees, elbows, crosses, and wyes can be combined to suit any installation.
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