Product presentation
Microbe wax-proofing agent is a biological product made from  a variety of microbial fermentation medium and its metabolites distribution of biological products. It is a water based pure biological product. It can be degraded by itself and does not affect the quality of crude oil. It is a kind of environment-friendly wax-proofing agent.

Product Feature



wax-proofing rate

viscosity reduction rate


carbon dioxide


Brown liquid





Product advantage
The microbe that our company cultivates is very small, only a few microns, cell walls have special structures(the main chemical composition is composed of three - dimensional reticular structure, which is filled with polysaccharide), The surface has flagellum, strong adhesion, growth and reproduction very quickly, in logarithmic growth of the number of individuals to grow exponentially, attached to the surface of water wetting objects such as metals or clay minerals. By using the surface active substances , bioactive agents and organic solvents produced by them, a compact microbiological protective film is formed to make it polar surface, change the surface properties of metal, and make the non polar wax crystal hard to adsorb and deposit on the surface of metal and achieve the purpose of paraffin prevention.

Microbial metabolism to produce ethanol and other organic matter, increase the content of heavy components in the crude oil, reduce oil viscosity, improve crude oil mobility, inhibition of crude oil in oil Wells and pipelines wax.

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