Drill Stem
  • Under ReamerUnder ReamerUnder reamer is used to drilling and reaming at the same time. It’s different with the reaming drill bit which installed at the bottom of the drilling stem, it installed in the middle of drilling stem, diameter slightly larger than the bit diameter. When the following bit drilling, the reamer reaming, mend the wall at the same time. Hole opener is commonly used in drilling oblique, Shrinkage formation. When use diamond drill bit drilling, in order to prevent well diameter lessen caused by drill bit abrasion, ensure new bit can smooth down to the bottom, must install two to three diamond reamers interval in the drill stem.
  • StabilizerStabilizerStabilizer is SCOTON’s important product, also advantage product. We have perfect specification, best quality, competitive price. In recent years, the company has increased investment in research and development, strengthen technology research and development capabilities, interchangeable blades stabilizer and adjustable hydraulic stabilizer are pioneer in China.
  • Thread Protector & Packing FrameThread Protector & Packing FrameSCOTON is one of the most professional manufacturers of thread protector and packaging frame in China, our products conform to the oil casing, drill pipe, and drilling tool thread protector manufacturing requirements, we can produce products size from 1.315’’ to 45’’, have plastic structure, plastic and steel structure, steel structure. For thread types, we have API standard and special type. We also produce packaging frame for complete pipes.
  • Drill PipeDrill PipeSCOTON provides a complete line of drill string products, including a full range of friction welded drill pipe in nominal sizes from 2-3/8" to 6-5/8" and in a wide range of wall thickness. 
  • Drill CollarDrill CollarDrill collar is made of rolled or forged AISI 4145H chrome molybdenum alloy steel for effective control of chemical composition and trace element content. Drill collar is at the lowest part of the drill string and is the main component of the lower drill assembly. Its main feature is the wall thickness (usually 38 ~ 53mm, equivalent to the drill pipe wall thickness of 4 to 6 times), with greater gravity and stiffness.
  • Heavy Weight Drill PipeHeavy Weight Drill PipeSCOTON heavy Weight Drill Pipe has been awarded by the NS-1 certification which is made from one-piece 4145H modified quenched and tempered steel. It is designed for tough drilling environments in vertical and directional wells; for vertical wells, SCOTON's HWDP is a transition member; for directional holes it is a weight member and provides additional stiffness to prevent buckling.
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