The New Hose Connector Reduces the Stress of the Hose

KLAW recently launched Marine2, which is 32 percent shorter and 25 percent lighter than the traditional offshore pulled joint. The design is designed to reduce the stress on the hose at sea. The shortening of the size reduces the chance of the hose bursting on the coil. It does not increase hose stress and fatigue as traditional long - sized designs. The new joints are designed to provide a safe break point in the conveyance system between the ship, the other side and the ship to the offshore platform. This joint will be activated during an emergency, such as a drift or pressure fluctuation in a ship under storm conditions. When starting, the valve inside the connector will cut off the flow of the liquid inside and downstream of the hose, and disconnect immediately. Therefore, it can minimize the possibility of leakage and reduce the risk of asset damage, personnel injury, increased downtime and environmental pollution. The product now has 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches, 5 inches and 6 inches, standard nominal sizes, and it is compatible with soft walls, hard walls and composite hoses.
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