Oil casing is used to support the oil, gas shaft wall of the pipe to ensure that the drilling process and after the completion of the normal operation of the entire well. Each well according to the different drilling depth and geological conditions, to use several layers of casing. After the casing to take cement cementing, it is with the tubing, drill pipe is different, can not be reused, are a one-time consumption of materials. Therefore, the consumption of casing accounted for more than 70% of all oil wells. SCOTON have well-assorted oilfield casing for sale to meet the large demand.

Casing according to the use can be divided into: conductor pipe, surface casing, technical casing and production casing.

  • Process: SMLS, ERW
  • Standard: API SPEC 5CT
  • Function: Casing tube is used as wall of oil or gas well
  • Steel Grade:  J-55, K-55, N-80-1, N-80-Q, L-80-1, L80-9Cr, L80-13Cr, L80-28Cr, C-90, C-95, T-95, P-110
  • Size:  CASING OD4.500"-30"   THICKNESS: 0.205"- 1"
  • Length: R1, R2, R3
  • Type of End Finish: Casing: STC, LTC, BTC, Premium Connection

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