Drilling Technology Services

SCOTON's main drilling technical service is window sidetracking drilling technology. Window sidetracking horizontal well technology is open window in original borehole casing, and along the designed trajectory to drill to the objective layer, set the casing window sidetracking target in the "dead zone" of oilfield, Through the change of reservoir fluid seepage situation, in order to produce remaining oil flow, improve the utilization rate of oil and gas Wells. Because the risk is small, the window sidetracking technology has been widely used in various fields, become one of the most effective and reliable technology of the old oil field production.Window sidetracking can not only revitalize the old oilfield inefficient Wells, the casing deformation and damage well, abandoned wells and edge invalid well, cut down the cost of drilling and ground construction costs, in order to obtain greater economic benefits; But also can make full use of original drilling and logging data, reducing drilling risk, improve the utilization rate of resources to improve oilfield development effect.

Our company can provide comprehensive solution on window side tracking services, including window sidetrack drilling designation, optimization of window sidetracking tools.

Since 2009, SCOTON has successfully completed 30 Wells casing window of the horizontal well construction, in Kazakhstan's oilfields, ADM field, PK oil field, oil drilling encounter rate was 100%, and the drilling cycle significantly shortened, the well production increased by more than 5 times, provide a new solution to increase oilfield production.
Drilling Technology Services
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