Downhole Cutting Tools
  • Marine Casing CutterMarine Casing CutterMarine Casing cutter is one of tools which cuts the casing internally. It uses water horsepower to drive cutters work, It has structure reasonable and convenient maintenance, faster cutting speed. When cutting multi-layer non-concentric casings, It could bear drastic shaking. Strong cutter arms can extend to 5 times as much as body diameter, so that get max stability performance under all kind of disadvantage cutting condition( including hard point, concentric, cutting discontinuity), such as 13-3/8" marine cutter body diameter is just 11-3/4", but the max cutting range of pipes reach 60"
  • Mechanical Internal CutterMechanical Internal CutterMechanical internal cutter  is a mechanical cutting casing, tubing, drill pipe downhole cutting tools. It has the advantages of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient operation and high cutting effect. In order to prevent cutting to the casing, tubing coupling, into the well when the cutter should avoid the coupling position, with the conditions can be used with the shuttle explorer. Can be used in conjunction with the salvage spear, the cutting of the pipe with a knife once salvaged a well, but also a separate salvage tool to remove the cut off the fish.
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