Solid Control
  • Decanter CentrifugeDecanter CentrifugeLW series decanting centrifuge is the fourth class solids control equipment in well drilling solids control. Using decanter principle to separate suspension liquid. According to rotary speed can be called middle speed decanting centrifuge, highspeed decanting centrifuge, and high speed variable frequency decanting centrifuge, mainly separate 2~7μm particle out.
  • Shale ShakerShale ShakerShale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment in drilling mud system, also the core equipment for the solids control system. SCOTON provides tandem shale shaker and triple combination shale shaker, SCOTON also provide the third generation linear motion shale shaker and the fourth generation balanced elliptical motion shale shaker.
  • Vacuum DegasserVacuum DegasserZCQ series vacuum degasser is a special equipment to get rid of invaded gas, can wipe off the invading gas soon, play important role on recalling drilling mud proportion, keeping drilling mud performance. At the same time, it can also be an agitator with big power, suitable for variable kinds of drilling fluids purification system.
  • Mud CleanerMud CleanerSCZJ&SCPJ series is the second and third class solids control equipments, combined desander cones, desilter cones and a underset shale shaker together, its structure is compressed, small size, powerful function, is the ideal choice of second and third class solids control equipments.
  • Vertical Cutting DryerVertical Cutting DryerVertical cuttings dryer holding high efficiency separation on drilling fluid and it will minimize drilling cuttings content in drilling fluids. The cuttings dryer decrease disposal percentage benefit much on "0" disposal application. Separate drilling mud recycling by solids control system effectively. Recycle the lost mud caused by equipment failure, etc. The common spare parts are easy to be replaced. The wolfram carbide alloy knives on cones are changeable also minimize the whole device failure.
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