For Top Drive
  • IBOP For Top DriveIBOP For Top DriveIBOP for top drive can be divided into Upper IBOP and Lower IBOP, they are control valves which are used with the top drive system. Usually the two valves connected to the top drive drilling device. The IBOP adopts high reliable metal seal. So it can bear high pressure upward and downward. The working pressure can be achieved 10000 psi or 15000 psi. When well kick occurring, the upper IBOP can be closed by remote controlled, but the lower IBOP will be closed manually. Actuator for top drive is a subsidiary body which controls open and close of Upper IBOP. 
  • Top Drive Saver SubTop Drive Saver SubTop Drive Saver Sub is a kind of sub connected with Lower IBOP and drill pipe, mainly used in the top drive system. Not only acting as crossover sub, but also protecting lower IBOP. Top drive saver sub can be divided into general top drive saver sub and low temperature top drive saver sub.
  • Top drive Floating Cushion SubTop drive Floating Cushion SubTop drive floating cushion sub an important tool in drilling operation. It is suit to the drilling process in oil, gas and geological exploration. Mainly used for top drive drilling operation. It can increase the working life of bearing and gear in top drive rotary box.
  • Casing Running ToolCasing Running ToolCasing running tool is a new technology for running casing. We developed the more safe and effi cient internal casing running tool to break the limitation of normal running casing operation.
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