Christmas Tree
  • Conductor Sharing WellheadConductor Sharing WellheadUsing conductor sharing wellheadtechnology, on restricted template, using limited well slot, can drill more well hole. This technology has very widespread application value and great potential in offshore oil field development and construction, also has a great significance of drilling and engineering cost reduction. Two Wells sharing one well marine riser offshore platform size can be reduced, save the project cost. conductor sharing wellhead cementing technology, can saves time and reduces the cost, has extensive application value for the development of ocean oil and gas in the oil price downturn environment.
  • Dual Completion WellheadDual Completion WellheadOur independent innovation of patent technology such as whole combination valve type Dual Completion Wellhead, valve stem self-styled type composite seal, double seat plate valve, two-way counter balance valve etc. With high technical content, strong ability to resist bad working conditions, can enhance oil recovery efficiency, oil well productivity directly.
  • Fracturing TreeFracturing TreeIt is input into fracturing head through several fracturing  manifold. It is input into fracturing gate valve to perform  fracturing production. It controls medium access through fracturing gate valve switch. Now, the fracturing tree  manufactured by SCOTON has maximum drift of 7-1/16"and  maximum pressure of 20000psi. The main part of our fracturing is fracturing valve which has acquired patent for national  invention and patent for utility model. Fracturing technology  adopted bySCOTONis internationally advanced technology.
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