Coiled Tubing Tools
  • Coiled Tubing CentralizerCoiled Tubing CentralizerThe Spring Centralizer is designed to allow work strings or parts of work string to be centralized in the tubing/casing for various operations and transmit tubing torque. It's convenient for cutting, milling, reaming, washing and other operations. In natural condition, the bow springs are mounted above a coiled spring. This is to allow the bow in order to pass through a restricted bore while still expanded.
  • Coiled Tubing Insider CutterCoiled Tubing Insider CutterThe Inside Hydraulic Cutter is designed to cut single strings of casing hydraulically. The cutter features hydraulically activated knives for smooth efficient cutting, an indicator which signals through pump pressure when the cut is complete, and stabilizer slips to keep the cutter anchored in the casing. The pistons are designed to force the slips to firmly anchor the tool prior to the knives contacting the casing.
  • Double Baffle Check ValveDouble Baffle Check ValveThe Dual Valve Check Valve connects the tools to run into the well. As the tubing pressure is greater than the casing pressure, the spring is compressed and allowed the fluid flow into the casing. Through releasing pressure, the spring is  rebounded and the valve is closed. It can prevent back flow after operation completion.
  • Mechanical ReleaseMechanical ReleaseThe Mechanical Release Joints is designed for and used primarily in cement stinger operations as a simple effective emergency release. Through lifting the tool to shear the pins and achieve release.
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