Basic Operation

1. Preparation before entering the well  1.1) Ground test must be conducted before the drilling shock hammer enters the well. It can only be put into use if it is qualified.  1.2) Check the upper and lower ring of the punch should be stuck on the open part of the core shaft.  1.3) Check the adjusted tonnage of the hammer to ensure that the adjusted tonnage under any circumstances does not exceed the weight of the drill string at the top of the jar.  1.4) Check whether the oil plugging and the locking pin are loose.  2. Decorations for installation  2.1) The top jar is installed on the lower punch, and the middle part is connected with the flexible joint.  2.2) 1 to 3 heavier drill pipes are connected between the hammer and the main drill collar.  2.3) Drilling tools or other tools are not allowed to be larger on the upper part of the jar. The main drill collar and other tools at the lower part of the jar are only allowed to be slightly larger than or equal to the outer diameter of the jar.  2.4) The weight of the drill collar at the lower part of the jar should be greater than the predetermined drilling pressure, so that the jar will work under tension.  3. Round trip operations  3.1) The jar is lifted to the drill floor by lifting short joint to prevent bumping.  3.2) Coat the thread oil, connect the tool to drill string according to the specified torque, lift the drill string, remove the mandrel clamp, and store it well for the purpose of drilling.  3.3) In the process of starting and drilling, it is not allowed to clip any lifting and lifting tools into the spindle shaft to prevent the damage of the mandrel.  3.4) The jar is always in full pull state during the process of drilling and drilling.  3.5) When drilling down, the speed of drilling down is strictly controlled to prevent damage to the hoisting system caused by the lower hammer.  3.6) If the strike has occurred, lift the drill string upward and return the slip to stop for several minutes.  3.7) If the card is stuck in the process of drilling, the jar can be activated.  3.8) When the drill is pulled out, the jar is fully pulled. The spindle hoop must be installed at the wellhead, and the column can be placed in the drill pipe box.  3.9) When the jar is not used, the surface must be cleaned, and the calcium oxide grease is applied to the exposed part of the shaft. The clamp is clamps safely, and the drill floor is safely removed to prevent bumping.  4. Normal drilling  4.1) The jar is drilled under tension In the whole process of drilling under the pull state, the jar is in the opening state. The two part of the axis of the heart is all stretching. The weight of the drill collar and the pressure of the pump in the lower part of the jar are helpful to the opening of the tool. The jar works best when pulled.  4.2) The jar is drilled under pressure The jar can also work under pressure. However, the pressure applied to the tool shall not exceed half of the total shock tonnage preset before the tool is lowered into the well and the force exerted by the pump pressure on the core shaft and scraper sleeve of the lower hammer.  4.3) When the jar is pressurized, the upper hammer may be closed. When the drill string is lifted up, the slight upward shock may occur under the action of the weight of the drill string.  4.4) No matter the jar is pulled or under pressure to drill, it must be sent evenly, strictly prevent slip or drilling.  5. Card solving operation  5.1) Upward shock  5.2) Downward shock
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