• Interchangeable Blades StabilizerInterchangeable Blades StabilizerST-TY Interchangeable blades stabilizer is the new generation production of integral blade stabilizer. It has sixteen diameters by changing the blades in different height and the spacers in different thickness. Its oriented and stability can be improved by changing the blades. It is an ideal tool for the drilling operation which has no based installation and located faraway place.
  • Hydraulic Adjustable StabilizerHydraulic Adjustable StabilizerHydraulic adjustable stabilizer is a new type downhole tool which have new and originality structure. In directional well drilling process, using the extended of bearing block to contact the wall of well. It will insure that the hydraulic variable diameter stabilizer worked with different drilling tools to increase and stabilize the hole angle. It is suitable for deviated and horizontal wells. The features are easy operation, small friction, stable drilling, easy screw off and smoothly tripping. It is an ideal stabilizer in directional well.
  • Integral Blade StabilizerIntegral Blade StabilizerIntegral blade stabilizer is an important tool in the drilling engineering to control the well deviation. It can stabilize the drilling tools in the drilling process of oil, gas and geological exploration. It can increase the bit life, drilling speed and well bore quality. There are two kinds of integral stabilizers: spiral integral blade stabilizer and straight integral blade stabilizer.
  • Replaceable Sleeve StabilizerReplaceable Sleeve StabilizerReplaceable sleeve stabilizer consists of mandrel and sleeve. The function is the same as spiral integral blade stabilizer. It can suit to different hole size and increase working life by changing the different size sleeve. The sleeve is threaded on the mandrel, so the sleeve can be fasten to the mandrel tightly and changed easily.
  • Non-Rotary StabilizerNon-Rotary StabilizerNon-rotary stabilizer is one of drilling tools in oil drilling process. Its main function is the same as normal stabilizer. It can also reduce the torque resistance. It consists of mandrel and sleeve. So the sleeve can be replaced if it is weared out.
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