Cable Protector

The Structure and the Operation Principle The cable protector consists of three parts: the centralizer, the steady pin and the auxiliary tools. The centralizer is composed of a high hardness oil resistant rubber and internal stainless steel skeleton. The shape of the protector is like a plum blossom, which is slightly smaller than the inside diameter of the bushing. In this way, the oil pipe can be centralized effectively, and the plum-shaped dent can also make the fluid flow freely in the bushing. Its inside diameter is slightly smaller than the outside diameter of the oil pipe, and there is a groove with the same shape of cable, so that the cable can be placed in the rubber of the centralizer for protection, and it can be fastened on the oil pipe. In order to make the installation convenient, the centralizer is made into two retractable parts, one end connects the two parts with a shaft pin, and the other end has a pin hole which can be locked tightly on the oil pipe by the steady pin. The steady pin is a stainless steel flat pin wide at the top and narrow at the bottom. Embedding it into the keyhole of the centralizer can fix The centralizer on the oil pipe. There is a dismantling hole on the steady pin. The auxiliary tools include a dismantling tool and a hammer for hammers to install and remove the steady pins. Usage and Installment When the whole set of electric submersible pump units is put into the well, a cable protector is installed on each oil pipe from the first oil pipe, and the cable protector is installed at 30 centimeters away from the tubing hoop. Normal operation procedures can be carried out until the 50 cable protectors are installed and lowered into the well. The working procedures and installation procedures of the cable protector are as follows: the centralizer, so that the groove will be aligned to the large flat cable.  2. fasten the centralizer to the oil pipe.  3. insert the steady pin into the pin hole of the centralizer.  4. Trough the dismantling tool to use the hammer to insert the steady pin into the lock hole of the centralizer.  5. install in turns until 50 cable protectors are installed totally.  6. Start the normal operation of the oil pipe and cable.
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