Microbe Oil Displacement Agents

Product ingredients
Microbe oil displacement agent is composed of microbe multiple microorganisms, biological surfactant, biopolymer and corresponding nutritive agent.

Product performance and displacement principle
Microbe and its metabolites have the function of reducing oil and water interfacial tension, improving reservoir pressure, reducing crude oil viscosity, improving oil, water flow ratio, and selectively blocking high permeability strips to improve the recovery ratio. Comprehensive specific functional bacteria and reservoir characteristics analysis, strengthening one or more functions. Through the activity detection and test reaction of real-time functional bacteria, the formulation of the system was optimized to further improve the effect.
  • Applicable condition
  • Reservoir permeability>50×10-3μm2;
  • Residual oil saturation>35%;
  • Porosity>15%;
  • Mineralization<50000mg/L;
  • Temperature<77℃;
  • PH4.0-9.0;
  • Toxic minerals content <10-15mg/L, minerals: arsenic, mercury, nickel, selenium
  • The inherent microorganisms of the formation should be compatible with the selected species.
  • Density of the cruel oil<0.9659 g/mL

Technological superiority
Microbe oil displacement technology has the characteristics of simple construction, no damage to the oil layer, no influence on the quality of crude oil and no pollution.

The mine requirements
Clear reservoir geological conditions, the dynamic responses of the oil and water Wells is clear, has admitted to various production dynamics and geological data, at the same time, the mine has separate injection well and production well system, has the proper well spacing and the status of the production well.
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