Downhole Tools
  • Completion & Fracturing ToolsCompletion & Fracturing ToolsDownhole tools is SCOTON’s main products now, we have two parts: one is drilling tools, including Whipstock & Window Milling, multistage circulating head, multi-purpose milling fishing tools. The other is well completion, logging, coiled tubing tools. Many of these downhole tools are SCOTON’s advantage products.
  • Logging ToolsLogging ToolsLogging tools is the most advantage products of the company, Sealing logging equipment and technology already the world's leading products, SCOTON have provide logging tools and service to Schlumberger, Halliburton, Baker Hughes etc world oil companies, Saudi Aramco company also have cooperation intentions with our company.
  • Whipstock & Window MillingWhipstock & Window MillingWhipstock & window milling operations more and more used in modern petroleum engineering, SCOTON's whipstock & window milling have characteristic of easy to operate,  strong seat seal, short window time etc, with high reliability and competitive price.
  • Torque Reduction SubTorque Reduction SubThe torque reduction sub (TRS) is an integral drill string component consisting of a short one piece mandrel utilising proprietary bearing technology to support a non rotating one piece sleeve. Tools can be positioned between the connections of the drill pipe and spaced appropriately to cover the build section of the wellbore.
  • Oil & Gas Bypass ValveOil & Gas Bypass ValveBypass valve is mainly used in drilling operation, SCOTON’s multistage circulating head and high-speed bypass valve have independent intellectual property and patents, have already used in Middle East oil and gas wells, bypass valve have a high evaluation in the industry.
  • DMS Casing AnchorDMS Casing AnchorDMS Casing anchor can anchor the casing bottom and formation together in well bore. It can give the prestressing force to casings in well cementing operation after installing this device. This prestressing force can be kept after the solidification of cement, so that it can avoid or reduce the damage of casing in high temperature drilling. It is the necessary downhole tool to lift the casing prestressing force in high temperature well. It used more reliably in loose expanding formation, deep shrinkage hole and irregular hard hole.
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