Whipstock & Window Milling
  • Recyclable Hydraulic Pressure WhipstockRecyclable Hydraulic Pressure WhipstockWith the growing of directional well and horizontal well technology, as the extension and development of directional well technology, branch Wells was taken more and more attention. Recyclable whipstock is the key tools in branch well drilling technologies. It plays a vital role for branch well drilling and completion.
  • Integral Construction Hydraulic Pressure WhipstockIntegral Construction Hydraulic Pressure WhipstockMany oil fields in domestic and foreign has reached the mid-final exploitation stage.The old well recovery and the accident well processing gradually increased.Window sidetracking technology has been widely used as the main method to solve the problem.
  • DeflectorDeflectorOur deflecting tools have two types: anchor type deflector and hydraulic setting slip type deflector. hydraulic setting slip type deflector supply accurate orientation solid seat sealing advantages etc. When reservoir area casing seriously damaged or reservoir sand buried or collapsed, the well can't production, in order to use the upper casing, reduce the cost of drilling, can make window cutting sidetracking on the upper casing above oil layer, to form a new hole for drilling.
  • Window Milling TaperWindow Milling Taper

    Window milling taper is equipped with the deflector to complete window cutting in the casing. The window milling taper is integrated with window cutting and window repair, which can complete window cutting and repair operations once to improve construction speed, thus meeting site construction requirements properly.

  • Window Mill ShoeWindow Mill ShoeIt is used to support the deflector for milling casing window, but also can be used for other relevant downhole milling operations. 
    With the unique cutting structure design, the product has good cutability, high milling speed and long footage.
    It can complete casing window cutting and window repair operations once with regular and smooth window.
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