Dual Well Completion Principle

After the oil well penetrating through the oil layer and the bottom water layer, the well completions are implemented in oil and water layer, and the two layers were seperated by a packer. When the well opens for production, oil is produced above the oil-water packer and is taken out from the air. While the water is collected and extracted from the oil pipe bellow the packer. Compared with the conventional well completion method, this method is equivalent to adding a sink in the water area. The water draining at this water point changes the stratigraphic distribution,especially the area near well, and thus changes the flow of fluid in the near well field. Considering the difference in viscosity and thickness of oil and water, the draining rate can be properly adjusted according to oil extraction rate. The pressure drop generated in the water zone can balance the pressure drop caused by the oil production, thus making the oil-water packerbecome an oil-water flow surface and keep in a stable suitation. Under the same conditions, the DWS (Dual Well Completion Technology) method can increase the oil production rate by 5 times and the recovery factor by 70 percentage points.

Dual Completion Wellhead

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