Cable Protector And Installation Tools

  • Mid joint cable protector

Mid joint cable protectoris installed at the center of API tubings. Ideal for the protection of any size ESP cables, control lines and chemical injection lines etc., it provides a safe and quick way of conveying and securing downhole cables into well-bores.

  • Cross coupling cable protector

Installed at the joints of API tubing, SCOTON's cross Coupling Cable Protector can safely and efficiently  virtually any size of ESP cables, control lines, chemical injection lines, umbilical and encapsulated bundles on the tubing in the well-bores.

Features of Mid Joint Cable Protector

  • All ST cable protectors have double protection to resist corrosion
  • All hinges are spot-welded to enhance the overall integrity of the product
  • Spring friction pad gripping system for superior grip
  • Slip and rotation resistant
  • Non-destructive gripping action
  • Designed to eliminate compression-reduced damages to the conductors

Specifications of Mid Joint Cable Protector

  • Manufactured of low carbon steel or stainless steel
  • Available as cross-coupling and mid-joint protectors
  • Suitable for API tubing sizes from 2 3/8" to 7"
  • Configured for flat, round or square cables, chemical injection lines, umbilical etc.
  • Multi channel design is available to separate multiple lines
  • Customized upon request

Installation Tools

The cable protector installation tool is a tool for operation, and the cable protector is installed with a tool holder and lock. Manual tools can securely install the cable protectors on the tubing. It consists of a manual calliper, a tapered pin controller and a hammer.

Hydraulic pneumatic tools can securely install the cable protectors on the tubing and help an experienced operator place the tapered pin on the exact position of the protector within 30 seconds. The tools consist of a foot-controlled pneumatic hydraulic pump, a U-shape holder assembly and a pneumatic hammer.

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