API 6A Valve
  • Actuators & Control SystemActuators & Control SystemEvery actuator mad by SAC must have strict test. To achieve ideal performance , every actuator we sell is manufactured to exceed standards set forth by America Petroleum Institute(API) Specification 6A. What’s more, SAC's quality systems are certified by API and the International Standard. (ISO) As the same time, we would like to spend more time in communicating with our customer, constantly improve and perfect our product.
  • Gate ValveGate ValveSCOTON gate valve with single gate and full bore. Suitable for double flange, thread end and special connection. Pressure range: 2000psi to 20000 psi. DN size: 1 13/16" to 9",  Can used with our SCOTON actuator.
  • Choke ValveChoke ValveChoke valve is mainly used in wellhead equipment, choke manifold or other high-pressure pipe line to throttle. Choke Valve of SCOTON has the characteristic of simple structure. Bonnet is connected by hammering fig, which make it easy to remove and maintain on site. Complete hard-faced parts can improve valve's life service.
  • Plug ValvePlug ValvePlug valve is in the united states based on SPM company transfer of technology for digestion, Absorption and the lower torque cock valve series products of technological innovation, the body all adopt high quality strength steel alloy forging and become. Specification are 1", 2", 3", 42 Mpa and 70 Mpa, the rated working pressure of 105 Mpa and 105 Mpa the connection model can be used by the union connection, also can use the internal and external thread (LP\TBG)connection. All kinds of series foreign products. 
  • Mud ValveMud ValveSCOTON SDM-1 type mud pump valve is designed with resilient seal, rigid gate and lifting stem. The valve is mainly used for mud, cement, fracturing, and water supply and is easy to operate and maintain.
  • Check ValveCheck ValveSwing Check Valve has the characteristic of full-bore. Small flow resistance. The disk of  Swing Check Valve of SCOTON could entirely change, Which help reduce work load on site maintenance.
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