Wellhead Handing Tools
  • SlipSlipDrill pipe slips are used to accommodate drill pipe from 2 3/8" to 7". The SD Drill Pipe Slip has a unique full warp around grip and insert design to prevent damage to the drill pipe. The design of the slips with its dove tail slots holds the inserts securely in place and are easily changed to different size pipes:Short (SDS), Medium(SDML) AND Long (SDXL) covers the shallowest and deepest wells.
  • Elevator/SpiderElevator/SpiderThe 350 and 500 Ton Casing Elevator/Spider Units are pneumatically operated power tools, capable of handing casing sizes from 4.1/2 to 24 1/2 inches, with string loads of 3150Kn for the 350 ton unit, 4500Kn for the 500 ton unit, 6672Kn for the 750 ton unit. These units have been refined and incorporate such engineering features as air powered operation with safety latch, and four independent slips, as standard equipment.
  • Manual TongManual TongThey are completely interchangeable with other major manufacturer's tongs (Varco BJ, Woolley, and National Oilwell Varco). Each tong features tough, heavy -duty designs with heat-treated hinge pins and long-lasting "stagger tooth" tong dies (Blue Diamond, Pyramid). They are designed and manufactured according to API Spec 7K.
  • Power TongPower TongDrilling process in the operation of the largest workers, the most heavy workload is on, unloading pipe fittings and drill thread, in the past has been with a pipe clamp or chain clamp, not only labor-intensive, and dangerous. Hydraulic power clamp is the use of oil rig power operation of the mechanical, unloading deduction tool, can greatly reduce the labor intensity of the workers to avoid or reduce the occurrence of injury accidents. At the same time, hydraulic power tongs to strengthen the pipe, drill wire twist torque, reduce the pipe, drilling tool trip accident occurred. 
  • Pneumatic Spinning WrenchPneumatic Spinning WrenchThe SSW-40 pneumatically-powered spinning wrench is designed to spin drill pipe and collars from 3-1/2" to 9-1/2" OD. It is designed as a pair of mirror image sub-assemblies, each containing a powerful air motor and a rugged gearbox that drive a pair of steel rollers. Connected by and adjustable linkage, an air bellows provides a simple approach to achieving the powerful clamping forces needed to drive and shoulder the pipe with authority. No additional components are required, no rollers to change, and maintenance is straightforward, simple, and easy.
  • CDZH Hydraulic ElevatorCDZH Hydraulic ElevatorCDZH hydraulic elevator is center latch elevator. Through changing the bushing, it can handle drilling pipe, drill collar, casing and tubing and uses the hydraulic control system, which makes the operation more convenient, effectively reduces the workers' labor intensity and improves the work efficiency; it can also realize remote control and make the use safer and more reliable. The products shall be designed and manufactured according to the requirements in API Spec 8C Specification for Drilling and Production Hoisting Equipment.
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