High Pressure Fluid Control

High pressure fluid control fitting are forged from high strength alloy steel for high-pressure discharge lines, water lines, temporary flow lines, well testing lines, cementing and circulating lines, and other high-pressure applications, in size 1", 2" and 3”, and available in pressure ratings from 2,000 psi to 20,000 psi in standard or sour gas service. Integral Fittings feature detachable wing union end connections for a high-strength, high-integrity connection. Tees, elbows, crosses, and wyes can be combined to suit any installation.

Integral Fittings are designed and manufactured as per API Spec 6A, and interchangeable with the same products with famous brand.

Caution of High Pressure Fluid Control

  • Verify the marked rated working pressure prior to use, not to use at exceeding pressure;
  • Not to use worn or eroded or crack products;
  • Not to use the product under water, and not to load the product in axial direction;
  • Not to use extra-strong force to make up nuts in case of damage; and the operator shall wear protective gear in case of potential injury;
  • Not to assemble or remove the product under pressure;
  • Repaired product shall be Hydraulic-water tested for ten minutes, and the test pressure is the working pressure without leakage;
  • Not to interchange sour gas with standard service product.
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