Pressure Control Equipment
  • Logging Wireline PCELogging Wireline PCELogging wireline pressure control equipment for the oil field in the cable logging operation to provide safe and reliable wellhead control system. When the cable is running, whether it is static or disassembled, during the operation of the overflow out of control and wellhead other accidents, the wellhead can be sealed, or the wellhead closed, thus preventing gas wells burst accident.
  • Horizontal Well Cable Pumping Bridge Plug Fracturing & Perforation WPCEHorizontal Well Cable Pumping Bridge Plug Fracturing & Perforation WPCEIn the process of perforation and fracturing of horizontal wells, the main function of the cable pressure control equipment is that the hydraulic pressure of the fracturing vehicle is pumped into the pre-calculated position of the horizontal section of the downhole and the plug is not blown, And after the completion of a period of time, replace the gun and shoot, under pressure again run in a new horizontal section, in such continuous perforation, but do not blow off the circulation process, dynamic and static to seal the wellhead, control the wellhead pressure, Provides pressure buffers and transition zones for bridge plug and perforating gun strings.
  • Lightweight Wellhead Slickline PCELightweight Wellhead Slickline PCELightweight SPCE is consists of sealing head, lubricators, top and bottom sheave, Crossover, etc. Which is suitable for oil well test and bleed-off when use slickline operation. The control head adopts polar rubber core, can be artificially controlled the deformation of the sealing rubber core. This equipment not only prevent blowout well, but also can clean slickline when lifting up, and can hold the wire firmly, all kinds of operations is very convenient. The whole device adopts the design of resistance to H2S, is one of the ideal safety equipment of oil field operation.
  • Coiled Tubing PCECoiled Tubing PCECoiled Tubing PCE is designed to apply to seal the wellhead in the coiled tubing working, so as to prevent the blow out accidents. The rams can be opened and closed by hydraulic control, seal the wellhead in downhole with tubing inside, shear the tubing to seal the wellhead in the emergency. This Ram BOP owns the advantages of simple structures, convenient usage, easy operation, small volume, light weight, high load etc. With the anti-H2S design it is the ideal equipment in the oil field safety civilization operation.
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