Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery
  • Microbe Oil Displacement AgentsMicrobe Oil Displacement AgentsMicrobe oil displacement agent is composed of microbe multiple microorganisms, biological surfactant, biopolymer and corresponding nutritive agent.
  • Microbe Plugging AgentMicrobe Plugging AgentMicrobe plugging agent is composed of microbe and its metabolic product, through microbe reproduction and metabolism, remove organic jams near wellbore area of oil Wells, viscosity break, degrade crude oil, increase liquidity of crude oil, increase oil well production.
  • Microbe Wax-Proofing AgentMicrobe Wax-Proofing AgentMicrobe wax-proofing agent is a biological product made from  a variety of microbial fermentation medium and its metabolites distribution of biological products. It is a water based pure biological product. It can be degraded by itself and does not affect the quality of crude oil. It is a kind of environment-friendly wax-proofing agent.
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