Drill Bit
  • Roller Cone BitsRoller Cone BitsThree cone bit is an important tool for oil drilling, its work performance will directly affect the quality of drilling, drilling efficiency and drilling costs. Three cone bit design is based on practical experience, combined with the test method, repeated design and calculation, and thus low design accuracy, long cycle, it is difficult to improve the design quality, and each calculation can only design a drill, low efficiency.
  • PDC BitPDC BitMatrix body PDC bit is a type of cutting drill that welds a diamond composite sheet by brazing on the drill body. The carcass bit is sintered with tungsten carbide powder and brazed to the tungsten carbide carcass with artificial polycrystalline diamond composite sheet and cut with natural diamond.
  • Core BitsCore BitsSpecial thermo-stable polycrystalline diamond layout.
    Multiple blade profile design, available with round, double taper and parabolic profiles.
    Various ID flow path designs provide sufficient cooling and cleaning to whole bit surface.
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