The iron roughneck consists of the main forceps and the knobs, which are able to buckle / shackle the string diameter range from 2-7 / 8 "to 10" and the full operation of the buckle / shackle is integrated in one Pneumatic control box, press the button once to complete all operations, while the pneumatic control box can be installed in a safe place to achieve remote control. SCOTON as one of the leading iron roughneck manufacturers in China, also use high-quality iron roughneck parts to ensure each iron roughneck for sale is qualified.

The Miniscope which is used to position the iron roughneck, is a compact, lightweight device that is driven by a hydraulic cylinder to achieve the force in both directions - to stretch and push To promote the iron drill to the wellhead buckle, after the end of the iron drill back to the rest position.

T-120 Iron Roughneck

The new T-120 Iron Roughneck from SCOTON produce with maximized reach and takes it to an unprecedented level. Completely retractable, the tool extends just over 5 feet from the pivot, minimizing its footprint and leaving more room on the rig floor. Fully extended, the tool travels a full 12 feet allowing versatile layout configurations. With its trackless design, the new T-120 continues to improve drill floor safety.

The innovative torque wrench design has a full 60 degrees of rotation and three-point bite which means
better grip, quicker make-up and less box deformation on the connection by applying more accurate make-up torque. Combined with a high-torque spinning wrench design the T-120 is equipped to handle today's high-performance drill pipe connections.

Iron roughneck T-120 specification

Weight: ST-120 Assembly

19,800 lbs (8981 kg) (installed weight)

Connection Height

33.10" to 75.10" (841 mm to 1,908 mm)

Hydraulic Requirements

2,500 psi (172 bar) to 3,000 psi(207 bar)

45 GPM (170 LPM)Min; 65 GPM(245 LPM) Max

Horizontal Travel

12 ft (3.66 m)

Tubular Range OD

(88.9 mm to254 mm)

TW Vertical Travel

42" (1 ,067 mm)

Spin Speed

80 RPM (nominal on 5" OD)

SW Vertical Travel

42" (1 ,067 mm)

Spin Torque

3,000 Ib-ft (4,067 Nm)

System Control

Hydraulic-Over-Hydraulic; optional

Electric-Over-Hydraulic (Remote-Auto)

Maximum Make-Up Torque

100,000 lb-ft (135,600 Nm)

Operator Controls

Locally-Mounted to Tool; optional


Maximum Break-Out Torque

120,000 lb-ft (162,700 N-m)

Optional Features

Bit Breaking, Automatic Remote Control

from Driller's Cabin, Wireless Remote

Control, Casing Module/Hanger

Iron Roughneck drawing

Iron Roughneck scoton

Iron Roughneck
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