This high-performance dissolvable frac plug is rated to 10,000 psi for zonal isolation during wellbore stimulation and combines industry-leading frac plug designs with the most advanced dissolvable metal and degradable rubber materials. The large bore ID allows operators to produce through the plug while it remains in the wellbore and begins the dissolution process immediately following fracturing. The fully dissolvable frac plug not only helps reduce the cost and time of plug mill-out operations, but it also helps eliminate the risk associated with coiled tubing. Fewer operational steps are required to get a well onto production, reducing rig time as well as personnel and equipment on the rig site, and decreasing the potential for safety and wellbore issues. Since no intervention is required to clean the wellbore after the frac, production may be brought on sooner to improve the net present value of the asset.

The frac plug is a compact design that aids in pump down efficiencies as well as allow faster un-in-hole line speeds while setting the tools on wireline. Higher pump rates and increased wireline feed rates allow the operator to deploy frac plugs on depth faster and more efficiently. The frac plugs also provide a solution for extended reach horizontal wellbores where tubing weight can be an issue for milling out conventional frac plugs. Since these plugs dissolve away, they can be set in the toe of the wellbore without the need for coiled tubing removal.

Features and benefits of dissolvable plug

  • Made from materials that dissolve over time based on temperature and salinity
  • Large ID to assist immediate flow back and well cleanup
  • Helps eliminate the risk and costs of conventional plug removal
  • Compact design, high Pump rates
  • High-performance plug for frac stimulations (10,000psi rating)
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