The global oil service industry will be hit by a

You have not broken the cocoon yet, but to make you leap the sea, this is the current situation of Chinese oil service!

Digital technology will be the killer of oil service company.

Big data will be the most revolutionary technology in the oil industry following horizontal well drilling and hydraulic fracturing. Reading the history of "digitization", you are easy to find that the best digital technology is not the oil service company but the "science and technology giant". More worrying, increasingly tech giants are getting their hands on or "favoring" the oil industry.

According to IHS, digital technology and artificial intelligence have been the fastest growing areas of global industry technology since the sharp fall in oil prices in 2014.

From China's Huawei to international Microsoft, there is no shortage of interest in "digital fields". Among them, the technology giant Huawei is the leader of the digital oilfield. Huawei currently serves 14 of the TOP20 oil and gas companies in the world.

The technology market of digital oilfield is huge.

Smart oil fields, also known as digital fields in foreign countries. Digital applications in the field of oil have exceeded the "rotary guide" and "drill-down measurement", which will be the bellwether for the next oil industry.

Daqing oilfield, the largest oilfield in China,  has clearly put forward to strengthen the informatization construction and fully build the "digital oilfield".

Of course, smart oil fields are not patents for Chinese oilfields, and large foreign oil fields are also promoting "intelligent" construction. Big international oil companies such as Shell, Chevron and BP are moving closer to smart fields, including Chevron's IFields project, BP's future oil field project, and Shell's smart oil field project.

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