Microsoft comes again! Microsoft once again cooperates with the oil giant, and it begins to do the

October 30, 2017, the U.S. oil giant Chevron announced a partnership with Microsoft. The news was officially released on Chevron's official website.

The cooperation involves a very wide area, across the entire oil industry chain. In other words, Microsoft starts a full-scale transformation of Chevron.

The strategic partnership between the two companies also extends to broader technical cooperation, enabling both companies to focus on joint innovation from technical and business process perspective. This will include identifying areas that impact the roadmap for future products and areas where Microsoft solutions can help to address Chevron's business challenges.

Oilfield digital is still growing

Long-term downturn in oil prices prompts " costs-controlling " by oil companies to become a necessary means. Nowadays, whoever controls the cost to a minimum will have more room for activity. The emergence of control costs leads to the oil companies to begin the layout of the oil field digitization.

According to Accenture's Oil and Gas Digital Trend Survey in collaboration with Microsoft in 2016, the future of the business transformation of the oil and gas industry will benefit from continued investment in digital technologies. The key areas of concern for the oil and gas industry in the next three to five years include big data / analytics technology, the Internet of Things and mobile devices.

Recently, various oil companies scrambled for the technology for applying ,seeking from everywhere persistently. The concept of digital oilfield has been greatly developed since its birth in Daqing in 1999.

Among them, there is no lack of favors such as Shell and Halliburton, the top representatives of these industries. Chevron and Microsoft's bundling will speed up the oilfield digitization process.

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