Basic Knowledge of Completion Wellhead

The production of single tubing electric submersible pump wellheads, dual tubing wellhead devices and dual-path integrated production tree is the main trend of wellhead device development. In China, the tubing head and Christmas tree are called the “wellhead device”, and it already has a mature market. In general, the series of gate valves are mainly applied to the application of special anti-corrosion materials, and the structure is diversified. At present, the maximum working pressure of foreign oil production tree is 140 MPa, and the maximum limited working pressure of flanged connection gate valves which constitutes a tree is 210 MPa. Many foreign companies have constantly developed and improved the electric submersible pump wellhead device and the overall production tree. Producing an overall production tree  with single tubing electric submersible pump wellhead device, dual completion wellhead device and dual-path integrated oil tree, we can also produce subsea and onshore wellhead devices onshore according to oilfield conditions and retained fluids in wells. Now, the major producing countries are the United States, Britain, Italy, and more than a dozen countries. The United States has a world-leading product technology and production capacity. Well-known manufacturers include Cameron, F.M.C, Vetco, and Gray. The Cameron company has the best performance and quality, but the price is higher.
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