Sinopec and the United States signed the Alaska LNG project agreement

Sinopec and the United States signed the Alaska LNG project agreement in the evening of November 8, Reuters reported that the oil giant, Sinopec, together with other Chinese companies and the U.S. representative, signed an agreement on the Alaska LNG project. The news , also has been published under the agreement of Associated Press, Washington post and other well-known media . According to the agreement , both sides agree to cooperate in liquefied natural gas marketing, finance, investment mode in the content of China in Alaska LNG cooperation, and it will achieve regular results in 2018. As the one of the leader, United States Alaska Gasoline Development Company' CEO Keith Mel said: "Today's agreement brings potential customers, lenders, equity investors and developers into together, making jointly mutual agreement to increase the liquefied natural gas trade between Alaska and China . Sponsore entity  promotes the project." Sinopec stated that its goal is to help establish a "stable" route to buy liquefied natural gas from Alaska. According to the introduction of the governor of Alaska Bill Walker, the Alaska LNG Project will cost about $ 43 billion. Walker, the latest politician in the group of in Alaska, is pushing Alaska's oil resources development, including the construction of a natural gas pipeline. Walker said: "China's participation in the project means that the Alaskan LNG project has a good market participation at the highest level." It is reported that if this project is really completed, it may create 12,000 jobs and trigger a second economic boom, just as it did when Alaska built the oil pipeline in Alaska 40 years ago.
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