Viewpoint: Automation will be the key to the future development of oil and gas industry

With the increasing diversification of energy and the shortage of skilled labor force, daily business automation will become the key factor for  the sustainable growth of the oil and gas industry.

Ultimately, leading oil and gas companies will realize that the future of the industry lies in automation. Through the use of automation to modernize the internal processes, and better access to operational and maintenance information, this will help the industry to streamline production and distribution process, in order to gain higher returns.

In what ways can automation play a role?

Automation is very flexible and is an ideal auxiliary tool for daily operation.Therefore, oil and gas companies can be provided in the following areas.

Daily Drilling Operations: One of the biggest costs for oil and gas companies is drilling. Automating the manual part of the process can significantly reduce safety risks and speed up the overall drilling process.

Diagnostic and inspection: underwater UAVs and unmanned submarines can help monitor equipment and repair inspections.  These unmanned devices can be remotely controlled and send live video and data back to the control center.

Weather monitoring system: this can help predict the occurrence of major natural weather events in advance,  so that oil and gas companies can take appropriate safety precautions in real time.

Pressure and Flow Monitoring: The measurement of oil pressure and flow is a task that can easily be improved by automation. After receiving the information from the sensors, the rig can monitor and adjust the settings as needed.

The energy industry has begun to go digital. Therefore, the role of automation in the future development of oil and gas industry is not to be underestimated, or even the key to the development of the industry.

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