EY: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is quietly coming, and it is time for the oil and gas industry

EY: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is quietly coming, and it is time for the oil and gas industry to be well prepared

A few days ago, the opening ceremony of the European Offshore Oil Conference demonstrated emerging technologies that may change the upstream and downstream of the oil and gas industry in the future. Mark Hutchinson, a partner at EY which is a professional services firm, said they will be stationed in the offshore oil business in the future. He said: "The first industrial revolution is the steam technology revolution, the second is the power technology revolution, the third is the information technology revolution and the fourth is the digital revolution." "The cost of technology will be halved almost every one or two years." "Seven years ago something like a drone could be sold for £ 10,000 in a specialty store, but £ 20 is enough if you buy it now. "In the Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce Business Breakfast, he issued a series of technologies which will have a huge impact on the oil and gas industry in the next five years, ten years and fifteen years.

Smart mobile technology

The use of "smart mobile devices" is the first compelling technology. Mobile devices connect the world. People on farms in the African continent can also surf the web and get the information they want.

Robot technology

As robotics has boomed, much of the work such as "underwater maintenance" has been gradually automated. He highlighted projects such as underwater robot "worms" for maintenance and inspection. Artificial intelligence

Mr. Hutchinson said: "Large technology companies have invested heavily in data analytics, business intelligence and artificial intelligence." There are a lot of start-ups, and I believe we'll see a lot of exhibitors in the next few days, and that's their work field. BP is paying a lot for it, investing $ 20 million in a company called Beyond Limits, which has been developing a number of artificial intelligence technologies for the International Space Station and NASA, and BP hopes to bring these technologies into the oil and gas industry.

The above technological innovation will promote the fourth industrial revolution.

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