F500 Mud Pump

1.Spray system

It is composed of spray pump, cooling water tank, spray pipe, etc. Its function is to conduct necessary cooling and washing of cylinder sleeve and piston, so as to improve the service life of cylinder liner piston. The spray pump is a centrifugal pump, which can be driven by a pulley on the shaft of the input shaft, or driven by an electric motor alone, using water as the cooling lubricant. The nozzle is installed on the hoop of the connecting rod of the middle piston rod and can move reciprocally along with the piston. The nozzle is very close to the piston end surface, so that the lubricating coolant always washes the contact surface between the piston and the cylinder sleeve. It can also be used to spray pipe, with the characteristics of spray pipe acid proof.

2.Lubrication system

The power end adopts the combination of forced lubrication and splash lubrication. Through the lubrication pipeline, the pressure oil is transported to the cross head, the middle pull rod, the cross head guide plate and the bearings in various places, so as to achieve the purpose of compulsory lubrication. The working condition of gear oil pump can be observed through the pressure gauge at the back of the rack.

3.Perfusion system

Each mud pump, as well as the  f 500 mud pump can be equipped with a filling system to avoid air plug when the inlet claw force of the pump is low. The perfusion system consists of the perfusion pump and its base, butterfly valve and corresponding manifold. The perfusion pump is driven by a motor of the door and mounted on the suction manifold of the pump. The filling pump can also be driven by the mud pump into the shaft belt to reduce the total power supply of cobalt machines.

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