Big news ! Re-discovery of large-scale gas fields in China, with sufficient reserves for 30 years, n

Big news ! Re-discovery of large-scale gas fields in China, with sufficient reserves for 30 years, now is being mined and it is expected to bring thousands of jobs!

The Urumqi People's Government Network reported that it had found that large-scale coalbed methane fields which can be exploited in Dabancheng District, Urumqi. It was predicted that the reserve is 100 billion cubic meters. The CBM reserves between 30 billion cubic meters and 300 billion cubic meters is large-scale coalbed methane fields.

Xinjiang is a big energy province in our country. The amount of CBM resources is even more than that of Shanxi Province. The amount of shallow CBM resources below 2000 meters in Xinjiang is about 9.51 trillion cubic meters, accounting for about 26% of the total CBM resources in China, which is mainly distributed in Junggar Basin, Turpan-Hami Basin, Tarim Basin and parts of Tianshan.

The field  has brought thousands of jobs when it is into mining!

Xinjiang Dabancheng coal-bed gas field will be vigorously developed, which will bring thousands of jobs. Ding Zhijun, who is the deputy secretary of Dabancheng District Party Committee and mayor, said: "After the scale development of CBM in Dabancheng, it is estimated that profits and taxes of 48.29 million yuan can be created each year. More than 1,000 jobs such as production and maintenance, downstream sales and logistic support will be provided during the project's production period post."

PetroChina occupies the first chance

Perhaps because of the characteristics of large enterprises, CNPC has long sniffed out the market for CBM. PetroChina set up a professional CBM company in 2008 with a working area spanning Shanxi, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, and Xinjiang provinces and autonomous regions, and built a national CBM demonstration base. And now it has built a million tons of oil equivalent CBM field, becoming the first oil-million-ton which is non-conventional energy company, and which has surpassed the shale gas.

For Xinjiang CBM, PetroChina is also in action. On the afternoon of April 13th this year, 7 people, including the executive director, general manager and secretary of Party Committee of CNPC CBM Company, went to Xinjiang for investigation.

It is reported that at present the company has set up a project manager department in Xinjiang to take charge of CBM exploration and development in Xinjiang.

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