The salary of the staff who are in oil front-line will rise, and the boss of PetroChina has made

The salary of the staff who are in oil  front-line  will rise, and the boss of  PetroChina has made a word!

On September 27, Wang Yilin, chairman of the group, chaired the 15th meeting of the second board of directors of the group company. Directors Zhang Jianhua, Wang Jiling, Liu Guosheng, Li Yuhua, Huang Long and Wang Shihong attended the meeting. The meeting reviewed the Proposal of the Company System Reform Proposal, and the Amendments to the Articles of Association of China National Petroleum Corporation and the Proposal on the Overseas Project Feasibility Study. In response to the resolutions of the meeting and the opinions and suggestions made by the directors, Wang Yilin demanded that the company should be in charge of the leadership and relevant departments should study and implement seriously . During this period, Wang Yilin made arrangements for the reform of the company in this year. Wang Yilin said: "We should enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency, we should do a good job in the examination and approval of the reform plan for companies and enterprises, and we need to advance steadily and orderly towards the work so as to ensure that the restructuring will be completed before the end of November." In addition, Wang Yilin particularly emphasized the "salary issue" of CNPC employees at the meeting. "In order to enhance the vitality and competitiveness of enterprises, PetroChina should promote the distribution of classified salaries." There is an unwritten law in the media industry. That is the more important news content, the shorter the number of words. " Only ten figures that the boss of PetroChina said , but they contain a lot of information. Professionals who are familiar with PetroChina said: "In view of this, PetroChina will raise employees' salaries!"

PetroChina is not the only one that took remuneration reform . Since 2017, all localities and major state-owned enterprises have formulated "salary" related reform rules. Recently, Shandong Province promulgated the "Ten Opinions on Accelerating the Reform of State-owned Enterprises", in which , the issue of remuneration was clarified. In May this year, the Maotai Group also adopted the "Work Plan for Remuneration Study" in principle and started the reform of the remuneration system of Maotai Group .

Reform of salary system of state-owned enterprises is accelerating. PetroChina, as a model in state-owned enterprises, salary system reform will soon come .

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