Big news! Intel strongly marched into the oil industry after Microsoft, and the global revolution in

Big news! Following the Microsoft's strong march into the oil industry, the global revolution in the oil industry is coming!

Following Microsoft, another global technology giant brings the fourth largest oil service to come into the oil industry. Oil service industry's self-salvation has come, and the global revolution in the oil industry has been on the way!

Oil service company is doing the self-"salvation"

Whether it was Halliburton or Baker Hughes before or today's Weatherford, which were all once powerful oil giants and the industry's flagship oil service enterprises. However, these so-called "giants" of the global oil service industry are now looking for "science and technology bigwigs" as their backings.

The introduction of technology giants, which is inevitably a concern that is a kind of "cited wolf into the room". We say that never raise early without proper benefit. Technology giants' joining in the oil service industry is to have a share anyway.

Nevertheless, the oil service industry still needs to introduce technology giant to complete "salvation."

Great changes in the oil industry are coming!

Oil service industry is the mirror of the entire oil industry. Oil service industry's "redemption" also implies the direction of the development of the entire oil industry.

Looking at the entire oil industry, it is not hard to see that "technology" is changing the daily routine of our work.

The benefits brought by the "science and technology" of the oil industry to enterprises and society are obvious to all of us and is more well known in the industry. This shows that the great revolution in the oil industry will be triggered by "technology."

Although the development of science and technology in the oil industry is unstoppable, there are still problems that need to be solved urgently. While the petroleum industry is being scientifically oriented, it is also necessary to emphasize practitioners' sense of responsibility.

No one is perfect and nothing is perfect. Every coin has two sides. The development of "intelligent" petroleum industry is of no exception. We should not only see the convenience brought by "intelligent", but also not ignore the "dependence" brought by "intelligent" to practitioners.

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