CCTV will Vigorously Promote the Oil Spirit

Night water, who is light twist a mortal words of sorrow; moonlight without mark, who is half in the trace with sleeve blows desolate.

The book sent as far, turn around again is a autumn, looking back to see the moon. Hoofs, rig rumbling.

Oil man, will you go home in the Mid Autumn Festival this year?

In 2017, the CCTV Mid-Autumn Festival will be simulcast at 8 p.m. in October 4th, including the CCTV comprehensive channel (CCTV-1), the CCTV-3, the Chinese international channel (CCTV-4) and the CCTV network. At that time, Jackie Chan, Lang Lang, Chyi Chin, Guan Xiaotong, Han Lei, TFBOYS, and all the celebrities from all over the world will gather in the beautiful Daqing.

Every year, the Mid-Autumn Festival gala held by CCTV will choose the city as the host which has the traditional Chinese national tradition and can reflect the spirit and features of the contemporary China. This year's choice of Daqing city in Heilongjiang province is because the city is not only a model city for hard work, but also an example city for patriotic youth. It is also a modern and charming city.

The common prosperity, the changing pace of life, disturbs many people's footsteps; The floating of the oil market, the current situation of the sluggish industry, disturbs the ideal of the practitioners. For this, some people wander, some people worry. Finally, an unsettled heart, but dragged a long weary torso.

When the wild goose hangs in the autumn, the horse is tired and the wind blows. How many times separation, take the choice to understand, the original heart of the yearning forever in the front, and then, the most embracing is now. Keep your feet on the ground and work hard. At this time, CCTV revisits the "iron man spirit", and once again mentioning the history of the oil man's hard work is of special significance.

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