Iran's riots may lead to higher oil prices

Iran's riots may lead to higher oil prices

September 6, Wall Street Journal commented in a commentary article, China Merchants Bank is the most dangerous bank. Wall Street "itself" believes that China Merchants Bank "may hide non-performing assets" and may be affected by the "Ampang Insurance" overseas mergers and acquisitions under review. Subsequently, China Merchants Bank responded to it .To sum up, it does not have logic and profession, which is of subjective imagination and bizarre! It is not over, then let us look at the Bank of Communications ! " The drama that Wall Street Journal "discredit CMB" has not come to an end . Moody has already could not wait to shot another large bank in China. On September 7, the rating company —Moody released a rating report that revealed it downgraded three ratings such as the deposit of Bank of Communications , basic credit rating and counterparty risk assessment. The outlook is stable. In simple terms, Moody downgraded the Bank's basic credit rating from Baa3 to Ba1, dropping the bank from investment grade to junk grade. "The reason that downgrade the basic credit rating of Bank of Communications is that when compared with other state-owned bank, the financing situation of Bank of Communications is even worse and the environment ,in which the cost of market financing is rising, poses a problem for its profitability, Moody declared in a statement. On September 8, Bank of Communications publicly responded that Moody's downgrade the bank's rating from its one-sidedness of analysis. In fact, it just wants to say: "Moody, you are not professional enough!" It is not difficult to see that the behavior of  United States towards China's two banks is something that "wants to add crime" and there is rather a kind of "malicious retaliation" in it. Generally speaking , the deed of the United States is not objective and its purpose is not simple and its property is extremely abominable! You know, throughout the history,for a period of time, it is extremely rare to make "retaliatory" practices against two large Chinese banks at the same time. In addition, this "sacrificing others to benefit itself " behavior is also of "self-destruction  " risk to the United States itself .

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