Drilling Technology Engineering

As the saying goes, “No bit, no oil.” Drilling is the leading of oil industry, and drilling engineering is the main method for oil-gas exploration and development, thus the implementation of drilling engineering plays a decisive role in the success of oil-gas exploration and development. As an important part of the oil exploration and development, reasonable drilling technique, suitable drilling technology and well completion method are important guarantees for improving the success of oil-gas exploration, discovering oil-gas fields, improving production and oil recovery rate, as well as promoting and realizing the economic goals of oil-gas exploration and development. However, the drilling engineering have its own characteristics, such as the dense of capital and technology, high investment, and high-risk, which has brought unprecedented challenges to the research and innovation of drilling technology. For many years, Sinopec has attached great importance to the leading position of drilling engineering, fully played an important and supporting role in drilling technology in oil-gas exploration and development. It has gained remarkable achievements in the increasing production in old areas, and exploration in new areas, becoming an important guarantee for implementing “oil-gas stability” strategy. 

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