Schlumberger invested oil and gas blocks again , which made the conflict between oil services and

Schlumberger invested oil and gas blocks again , which made the conflict between oil services and oil companies greatly escalated .

Oct. 19 ,Reuters news, Canadian producer Cenovus Energy declared it sold its Palliser block in Alberta, South Asia, to Schlumberger, an oilfield service provider, for 1.3 billion Canadian dollars ($ 1 billion) Torxen Resources. At present, the three parties have reached an agreement, which is expected to close in the fourth quarter of this year. As a result, Schlumberger will become a non-operating owner of Palliser's oil and gas block, with exclusive service rights. It is reported that the region from 2018 is expected to have more than 1,600 oil well drilling program. In response, Schlumberger Executive Vice President Patric Schorn stated: "Schlumberger is more than willing to be the partner with Torxen to reduce costs for the development of the region by leveraging its expertise and expertise in oilfield services. We do this to provide financial rewards for traditional business models . "

The main contradiction between the oil service and the oil companies has undergone fundamental changes in the period. The great change is that the contradiction between the ever-increasing interest demand of the oil service and the reduction of service costs by the oil enterprises' compression costs , which has risen as the main contradiction between the two. Oil companies and oil services are bounded as the contract of the two businesses, in the form of performance as party A and party B. All along, although the contradiction between the the two is unavoidable, both parties at least maintain the due restraint. In the past two years, with the oil and gas companies being on the block of oil and gas, the conflicts between the oil companies and oil services are escalating .

As we all know, the downturn of oil market has forced oil companies have opted to reduce capital expenditures in order to maintain the company's business. While oil services have successfully played a stumbling block role when oil companies want to cut costs. Subsequently, the oil companies proposed a strategic integration, which shocked the entire oil services sector. After being stunned, the oil service company is awake to realize that if they do not make changes in the near future , they may not even have the power to fight back . Being "fish" or being "compilation" will be the final situation.

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