Sinopec hires CEO in subordinate enterprises at the annual salary of 700,000 , which breaks the life

Sinopec hires CEO in subordinate enterprises at the annual salary of 700,000 , which breaks the lifetime system of market-oriented employment!

September 7th , ChinaPetro Chemical Corporation personnel department, Sinopec Group official website news reported that in order to further broaden the hiring vision and promote outstanding management talent, Sinopec Corp. plans to publicly employ the chief executive of PCCW within the framework of Sinopec System and PCCW through the approval of the party group of CNPC. The position for the job is chief executive of PCCW Information Technology Co., Ltd. The salary is 700,000 yuan for the basic salary within the term of office, enjoying performance-based bonuses linking with performance, without capped and providing the necessary office security and welfare treatment. Announcement shows that the heavy recruitment is a reference to the professional manager system management. It is worth noting that, although the Sinopec Group hired in the recruitment of "professional managers" concept, the scope of recruitment is still stubbornly confined to the "Sinopec" system!

Market-oriented employment breaks the lifetime system !

Professional managers are people who depend on their ability to eat, not the people who eat with monetary capital, not the people who depend on the relationship to earn qualification. Moreover, professional managers have three characteristics, which is contractualization, market-oriented and professional. It can be seen that the senior management of subsidiary in Sinopec tends to break the lifetime of oil "system".

Senior management is the first one to be operated in competition for employment

From Sinopec's recruitment announcement, the industry insiders generally believe that China's oil companies "talent selection" system is changing, and on the appointment of business executives, compared to the usual assignment and default, this is more clearly market-oriented. The one who are able will win while the one who are unable will fail . Everyone will have the opportunity and everyone can participate.

Whether it is PetroChina or Sinopec, the selection of these talents is still confined within the "petroleum system" and it is far from the so-called "marketization." However, it must also be acknowledged that oil companies have taken a big step in the selection of workers.

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